"At 55 years old, I am stronger than I have ever been."

I wanted to say a big thank you for the work you did in our training sessions.

You always pushed me to my limit (which is what I wanted) and I always left the sessions dragging my tail.

However at 55 years old, I am stronger than I have ever been and thanks to your hard work and your dedication on the nutritional side of health eating I have dropped 15lbs (and kept it off for over 2 years now).

My cholesterol and blood pressure levels are at an all time low to the point my doctor has advised me I no longer require them.

She is amazed every time I go in for my two month check up. Thanks again Dustin!
— Jim L.

"Lost over 30 pounds easily."

Before I met Dustin, my exercise consisted of sporadic cardio and while conscious of my diet, I was eating the wrong foods. With Dustin’s expert help, I was able to lose weight, increase my strength and improve my overall health and well-being.

I found Dustin’s approach to be business-like and supportive. There were no gimmicks, just results. The nutritional advice was sensible, easy to follow, and worked. I lost over 30 lbs easily. The exercise program was engaging as, with Dustin’s guidance, I was able to do routines that I otherwise would not have done.

Working out with Dustin allowed me to focus on the exercises as opposed to thinking about the office.
— Ben M.

"A whole new perspective on health and wellness."

I only had the opportunity to work with Dustin for a few months, but in that time frame I definitely put on muscle and had a whole new perspective on health and wellness. Even if I only had 15 minutes available to train, he could without question optimize my time. The workouts were intense, but very safe and effective. We only had one nutrition consultation, but I learned many interesting things that I now believe are important and will stick with me for good.

I would recommend Dustin to anyone serious about transforming their health.
— Dan S.

"At 60, I'm more active and in better shape than I was at 50."

I met Dustin for an interview about starting a fitness program to improve my general health before I had a complete hip replacement. I was overweight, not overly active, and had bad eating habits. I was nervous about surgery.

I worked with him on a fitness program he prescribed for six month before my operation. We discussed eating habits, set specific goals, and trained hard! But very safely. My operation was a complete success and a large part attributed to my overall strength and ability to recover. It was obvious as the doctors and physiotherapists were enthusiastic about my quick recovery and overall success.

Dustin was a great help and inspiration and I have continued to increase my physical activity. At 60 I am more active and in better shape than I was at 50. Thanks Dustin!
— Barclay M.