Dr. Joel Wallach. One of the most important men in the history of medicine.

Dr. Joel Wallach. One of the most important men in the history of medicine.

One of the most well experienced and knowledgeable humans alive today, Dr. Wallach has been involved in biomedical research and clinical medicine for more than 50 years, and has a very important message to share

Here is his background:

-Bachelor of science in agriculture- major in animal husbandry and minor in field crops and solid.

- Doctorate in veterinary medicine

- 3 year post doctoral fellowship in comparative pathology/ medicine

- member of the NIH site visit teams for facilities using exotic animal models for the study of human diseases  for 4 years 

- member of the 1968 national science foundation ad hoc committee that authored the 1968 animal welfare act (human housing, nutrition, and care of laboratory and captive exotic species(

- a professor of nutrition at the national college of naturopathic medicine, Portland Or

- consulting professor of medicine- harbin medical university, hey long jiang, and shanghai medical university, peoples republic of china

- Physician for university, amateur, semipro and pro athletes including nab, boxing, football, runners, cyclists, bodybuilders and powerlifters

-has appeared as an expert witness in state and federal courts as a comparative pathologist.

- attained the rank of lieutenant colonel  in the missouri air national guard, known as "lindberg's own" and the alaska air reserve for the prevention and clean up of nuclear, biological and chemical attacks in north america and europe



- received the Wooster Beach gold medal award  (association of eclectic physicians)and a nobel prize in medicine nominee for a significant breakthrough in the basic understanding of the cause and pathophysiology  of Cystic Fibrosis

- 2004 guardian of the constitution award (emord & assoc) for his proactive and successful litigation efforts in obtaining nutrition claims from the FDA for selenium and Omega 3 era

- 2004 James Lind scientific achievement award for "brilliant discoveries that have paved the way for greater health and longevity" for americans.



- has appeared frequently on local and national radio and television- abc, fox news, and national talk radio programs as an expert on health, longevity, and trace minerals and rare earth deficiency diseases.

- host of his own syndicated talk radio show programs (dddl and led) on more than 100 station since 1996

- has given an average of 300 free health lectures per year for more than 17 years- dddl has been translated into 8 languages and has sold more than 83 million copies worldwide

- more than 70 peer reviewed/ referred publication to his credit including a major reference, The Diseases of Exotic Animals- published by W.B saunders. A 1000 page illustrated text listed by the smithsonian as " a recommended reference for all professional zoological parks and aquariums"


-As a comparitive pathologist, Wallach performed over 20, 000 autopsies of over 17, 500 captive wild animals, laboratory species and domestic animals, of over 454 species and 3,000 humans for comparison.

-The autopsies included the review of clinical records, microscopic, and electron microscopic examination of histopathology, microbiology, culture investigation for fungi, bacteria and viruses and chemical and biochemical profile.

- Original purpose of this huge multidisciplinary project (funded by NIH, zoos, yerkes regional primate research centre and multiple universities), known as the Center for the Biology of Natural Systems, was to investigate the possibility of environmental pollution and food contamination contribution to causes of illness and death.

-what was found was that "every animal and every human being that dies of natural causes dies of a nutritional deficiency disease"

- as a result diets were formulated, supplemented and corrected for specifies that until then were considered "too sensitive to reproduce in captivity." Fertility levels, pregnancies, and reproduction skyrocketed in species that historically displayed little or no inclination to reproduce in captivity.

- wallach went back to school to become a naturopath and began these formulas on humans in 1978. It was evident that the same formulas for animals worked just as well in humans!

He went on to save thousands of lives and change millions.