Here's what I help you achieve

Look younger

  • optimize body composition
  • add muscle tone, lose fat
  • improve posture
  • achieve better overall appearance

Feel younger

  • increase your energy and mood
  • prevent illness and injury
  • reduce pain and stress
  • be fully confident in your health

Be younger

  • improve physical strength, power and endurance in any sport or activity
  • control blood pressure and cholesterol
  • remove the need for medications, prevent or prepare for surgery

How to win over a skeptic

I was always slightly skeptical of and intimidated by personal training and the fitness industry in general, until I tried training with Dustin.

Dustin is a calm and capable trainer and fitness mentor. He showed me that much has changed since the old pain/gain approach I grew up with.

Dustin concentrated on accurate form and range of motion with many specialized techniques that quickly became a pleasant challenge rather than a gruelling chore. It is amazing to me what results we accomplished in just 2 very efficient 20-30 minute sessions per week.
— Drury B.